Shenyang Yuancheng obtained UIC Preliminary Certificate


December 2023 is an important month for remote control. In December, we received an on-site audit by experts from the International Union of Railways (UIC). The International Union of Railways (UIC) was established based on the recommendations of the International Economic Conference in 1922 and is headquartered in Paris, France. Initially, UIC was composed of 27 countries and 46 railway agencies, aiming to promote the development and standardization of international railway transportation. Over time, the UIC gradually expanded its membership to include more railway-related organizations and countries. Currently, UIC has 68 railway agencies and 15 railway-related organizations participating. Its international influence is relatively large. Prior to this, Long-distance rail transit products have obtained UIC trial certificates. As the first domestic rail transit manufacturer to accept the on-site assessment of UIC, Long-distance rail transit products have further affirmed the recognition of China's rail transit products by international standards agencies, especially for long-distance rail transit products. recognized. Remote Chairman Zhao Yanjing and General Manager Li Kejun led all departments of the company to welcome UIC's comprehensive review.

The certification on-site audit is divided into two stages: the first stage is to review the management system documents and determine the scope of the audit; the second stage is to verify the compliance and effectiveness of the establishment, implementation and operation of the organization's management system.

The audit team verified the compliance and effectiveness of the establishment and operation of the company's compliance management system through on-site questioning, communication and interviews, and review of ledger materials. At the final meeting of the second phase, the audit team announced the audit conclusion and finally determined that the company's compliance management system complied with UIC standards. It was reported to the SET7 committee for approval of vehicle loading and application, and a trial certificate was obtained in February, 2024.

UIC certification

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